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Can I Roof Without Gutters?

Before deciding whether or not to roof without gutters, you must first understand what gutters are and their role in roofing. Some roofing done without gutters can cause serious damage, while it won't trigger anything in others. It would be wise to consult professional roofers before taking a decision.

This is because different factors influence the role of gutters in roofing. In this piece, we'll extensively explain what gutters are, whether or not you can roof without them, and their function in roofing. Have an insightful read!

What Are Gutters, And Can I Roof Without Them?

Gutters are attachments to the roof that direct rainwater away from the house. They direct snow and rainwater away from entering the house as it runs down the roof slope. The rainwater then goes into a downspout or drain to prevent any damage to the home.

You won't be safe to roof without gutters. In fact, it'll be out of place to roof without gutters. However, in a street with 20 houses, you may see two with gutters. So, roofing without gutters mostly depends on the type of house, location, and water-related factors.

The Function Of Gutters In Roofing

Gutters help in controlling the amount of rainwater that touches the roof, directing it into a downspout that'll keep it away from the house. Without gutters, water may build up around the house, penetrate the foundation and cause expensive damage.

To ensure that the gutters efficiently perform their function, you must clean them frequently. Besides, damaged gutters can cause more damage than when there are no gutters as they will allow water to build on the roof.

In addition to redirecting water away from the house, gutters prevent erosion by controlling the runoff of water. They also secure any landscaping around the house.

When Will I Not Need Gutters?

If your house is in an area where there is little or no rainfall or snow, you can roof without gutters since there won't be so much water falling on the roof frequently. A house built on the hill may not need gutters as the rainwater will naturally runoff. So, when there's no rain, there's no damage! But, if you've been living in a house without gutters, it'll only save that you inspect the property to be sure.

Additionally, houses with steep slopes and sloppy grounds won't need gutters as they have a long overhang that's already directing water away from the house. However, if the long overhang extends past the roof, the rainwater that drops off may cause damage.

Final Thoughts

Gutters have a way of protecting the roof against damage if maintained properly. They are necessary for roofing. You can only do without them except your professional contractor advises against them. Contact us for your professional gutter installation services that'll last throughout the rainy season and many more decades.

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