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Flat roof ventilation has been given less attention, whereas, it causes a lot of damage to your roof. Aside from some of the popular flat roofing problems, poor roof ventilation shortens the lifespan of your roof.

While insulating your roof is good, ventilation is also important. In fact, they are made for each other. You can insulate your roof as well as ventilate it.

While insulation makes your roof cooler during summer and warmer in the winter, ventilation makes the air in your house circulate and makes excess air escape through your attic.

If you want your roof to last longer and probably exceed its lifespan then you should pay more attention to the ventilation of your roof.

Now, if you have already ventilated your roof, or maybe you just built your house, or maybe you have never ventilated your roof, what are the signs that your roof is crying for help like a homeless child?

Here, you will learn essential signs that point to nothing but the fact that your roof needs immediate ventilation. Or else, you might be risking damaging your roof.

The following are signs that your roof has poor ventilation and needs immediate ventilation;

Increased Cooling Costs: 

Poor ventilation can increase your cooling costs. How you may ask?

When you have poor roof ventilation, it becomes difficult for heat to escape through your attic; therefore, your cooling costs increase during summer. Because you will have to use a cooling system like AC to reduce the heat coming from your attic.

One of the best ways to know if you have poor ventilation is by checking the temperature of your attic compared to other parts of your building. If you noticed excess heat stemming from your attic, then it means you have poor roof ventilation.

Although you can ventilate it yourself, it is better to employ the services of a professional roofer.

Ice Dams In The Winter

When you have poor ventilation, according to the last point, it increases your cooling costs during summer. What then happens during winter?

When your roof is filled with snow, the heat in your attic melts the snow, which eventually turns to water. This water then flows towards the end of your roof, where it can no longer melt, after which, it freezes in your gutters and causes an ice dam.

Moisture In The Attic

When your roof has poor ventilation, not only does it trap the heat in your attic, but it also traps the water, leaving no option to flow to.

As you know, water always finds its way no matter how long. This can lead to water damage in your building. When you notice this problem, you should quickly ventilate your roof to avoid further problems.

Reiterating, you can ventilate your roof yourself, but it is always advisable to employ a professional roofer in your area. To learn more about roof ventilation or flat roofs in general, you can contact us at Williamsburg Roofing, 366 Grand Street Williamsburg, NY 11211, 718-690-7084, [email protected].

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