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CertainTeed has evolved from a tiny roofing firm to a leading North American maker of construction commodities, including vinyl and fiber cement siding, during the previous hundred plus years. It has over the years proven its durability to many professional roofers, which is why the recommendation skyrocketed. You'll discover more about each style of CertainTeed siding in our shopping guide and how much it costs to install.

The Benefits Of CertainTeed Siding

The following is a list of reasons you should pick vinyl or fiber-cement siding from CertainTeed for your home.

Vinyl Siding From CertainTeed

CertainTeed vinyl siding is one of the most popular in the business for a variety of reasons, including the following:

Choice: CertainTeed offers three types of vinyl siding, ranging from its basic collection to insulated panels to cedar-look shakes. These are available in hundreds of varied colors and styles.

Ease of Maintenance: CertainTeed vinyl siding is nearly maintenance-free and has a guaranteed lifetime warranty. The warranty assures that the original owner does not bear the expense of any manufacturing flaw. It can be a big centerpiece if you decide to sell your home, as the siding will be provided cover for fifty years from the date of installation.

Sustainability: As CertainTeed upholds, it all starts at home. If reducing your environmental effect is vital to you, CertainTeed's vinyl siding lines, all of which are NAHB Green Approved, are a fantastic choice. Along with vinyl siding that is Energy Star approved, the firm also offers vinyl siding constructed from recyclable materials.

Fiber Cement Siding By CertainTeed

CertainTeed cement-fiber siding is an outstanding wood choice for many justifications, incorporating the following: Made from Portland cement, recycled materials, wood fiber, and specialty additives bound under high pressure.

Durability: Fiber cement has the natural appearance of wood but requires far less care. Although fiber cement does need to be painted, it does so considerably less often than wood. Fiber cement is also resistant to swelling, warping, and UV damage, and it will not rot or be destroyed by woodpeckers or pests.

Value: Install CertainTeed fiber cement to optimize your return on investment (ROI). Fiber cement siding is the best regarding resale value, as stated by Remodeling Magazine, with a seventy-eight percent return on investment.

Style: CertainTeed cement siding comes in over twenty prefinished colors and stains, a variety of textures (which incorporates wood grain, smooth, and stucco), and a variety of patterns, all of which belie its durableness (like a lap, vertical panels, shingles, and half rounds).

Average Costs Of CertainTeed Siding

Please keep in mind that the cost of CertainTeed siding will vary depending on where you live, how complicated the installation is, and other considerations.

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